Procedural textures creation

VWorldTerrain features a unique dynamic procedural texturing system (DPTS), which makes it possible to display a great variety of terrains. That system creates a specific texture for each cluster of polygons, which has many advantages, namely:

Thus, ground texture rendering varies with the desired environment (desert, undergrowth, meadows…), and details are created dynamically to adapt to the observer's position. The DPTS therefore consists of a series of mathematical equations, with variable parameters, as follows:

A- Static data:

i.e.the three main types of data quoted in the Databases file:

Those data give us precise indications as to colour and nature of the ground, vegetation, and relief.
We process them so as to be able to create textures procedurally.

B- Dynamic data:

Procedural textures obtained in A- are then dynamically altered by processing the above data in real-time, e.g. when thaw has an effect on the snow mantle or the ice.